Strategic Planning Process

Timeline of Florida’s WINGS Initiative
Strategic Planning Effort 2017 – 2018

June 2017: Steering Team meeting: organize planning effort

July 2017: Steering Team meeting: organize Summit; WINGS Stakeholder Summit

October 2017: Steering Team meeting: draft outreach/survey plan; WINGS Stakeholder Summit: draft mission and vision statements, review outreach plan and surveys

November 2017: Steering Team meeting; Public outreach begins

December 2017: Public survey ends

January 2018:  Steering Team meeting: survey analysis and draft outreach report

February 2018: Public outreach ends; Stakeholder meeting: Review survey results and report, begin drafting strategic plan (identify goals & objectives)

March 2018:  Steering Team meeting: draft strategic plan (objectives, strategies, action plans)

April 2018: Steering Team meeting: draft strategic plan (objectives, strategies, action plans)

May 2018: Stakeholder meeting: finalize strategic plan

June 2018: Submit strategic plan

July WINGS Stakeholder Summit Summary:

On Thursday, July 27, 2017, Florida held its WINGS Kick-Off Summit in Tallahassee. More than 40 participants, inclusive of Steering Committee members, invited Stakeholders, and other guests attended. Court system staff were on hand to assist and take notes; making the event a great success.

The meeting began with a welcome video from Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga and opening remarks from PK Jameson, Florida State Courts Administrator. Ninth Judicial Circuit Judge Jose Rodriquez chaired the kick-off summit and provided the opening plenary. Judge Michelle Morley from the Fifth Judicial Circuit served as the keynote speaker and spoke from both personal and professional experiences.

Participants divided into groups to discuss four key topic areas regarding Florida’s current state of guardianship. Steering Committee members facilitated group discussions and provided a brief recap about the overall findings for their topic area. The final presentation of the day included a panel of two self-advocates, a parent, and a guardian advocate.

October WINGS Stakeholder Summit Summary:

At the second summit, in October stakeholders came together to lay the groundwork for developing a long-range plan for WINGS (participants worked on crafting vision and mission statements; they also discussed issues and efforts on which they can work collaboratively in the geographic region they represent).  Once crystallized, the long-range plan will denote specific goals and strategies for improving processes in and increasing the effectiveness of Florida’s guardianship systems.