Strategic Planning Process

Timeline of Florida’s WINGS Initiative
Strategic Planning Effort 2017 – 2018

June 2017: Steering Committee meeting

July 2017: Steering Committee meeting; WINGS Summit #1 held in Tallahassee

October 2017: Steering Committee meeting; WINGS Summit #2 held in Tallahassee

November 2017: Steering Committee meeting; publicity began for public hearings; a 29-question survey was posted online for public input

December 2017: Public survey ended; public hearing was held in Ft. Lauderdale

January 2018: Steering Committee meeting

February 2018: Public hearing held in Orlando; WINGS Summit #3 held in Orlando

March 2018: Steering Committee meeting

April 2018: Steering Committee meeting

May 2018: WINGS Summit #4 held in Tallahassee

July 2017 WINGS Stakeholder Summit Summary

On July 27, 2017, the WINGS Kick-Off Summit was held in Tallahassee.  More than 40 participants, comprising steering committee members and stakeholders, attended.  The meeting began with a welcome video from then Chief Justice Jorge Labarga and opening remarks from State Courts Administrator PK Jameson.  Judge Jose Rodriguez, Ninth Judicial Circuit, chaired the summit and provided the opening plenary.  Judge Michelle Morley, Fifth Judicial Circuit, served as the keynote speaker and spoke from both personal and professional experience with guardianship.

Stakeholders broke out into groups to discuss the following four key topic areas in guardianship:

  • Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
  • Alternatives to Guardianship
  • Process Improvement and Standardization
  • Education and Awareness

Steering committee members facilitated the group discussions.  After the discussions concluded, all participants reassembled and listened to a brief overview of the findings by the breakout groups in each topic area.

The summit closed with a panel discussion of restoration of rights. Two self-advocates, a parent, and a guardian advocate served as panelists.

October 2017 WINGS Stakeholder Summit Summary

At the second summit in October 2017, stakeholders gathered in Tallahassee to begin the development of a long-range plan for WINGS, which would address specific strategic goals for improving processes in and increasing the effectiveness of Florida’s guardianship systems.  The summit began with a brainstorming session to determine and articulate the group’s vision and mission.  Additionally, stakeholders began designing a WINGS survey to gain public input on issues of concern related to guardianship and other decision-making options.

February 2018 WINGS Stakeholder Summit Summary

The third summit, in February 2018, was held in Orlando the day after the second guardianship public hearing.  The following occurred at the summit:

  • Attendees voted to adopt a mission statement and vision statement for WINGS.
  • Lori Stiegel and Dari Pogach from the American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging presented an update on WINGS nationwide as well as interviewed various stakeholders regarding the status of Florida’s WINGS.
  • Summit stakeholders learned about the WINGS survey results and the topics raised at the two public hearings (these public hearings were held in collaboration with the Judicial Management Council’s Guardianship Workgroup).
  • Attendees broke out into four topic areas to brainstorm about strategic goals for the coming year.

May 2018 WINGS Stakeholder Summit Summary

The fourth meeting, held in Tallahassee in May 2018, focused on finalizing and prioritizing WINGS’ strategic goals.  Based on recommendations made by stakeholders during the February breakouts, and with consideration of the survey results and public hearing comments, the steering committee crafted nine goals, which were presented to the stakeholders for their consideration at the meeting. Stakeholders approved eight of the goals in the following priority order.

  1. Determine which circuits do not have a sufficient number of physicians participating on their examining committees, and develop a recruitment plan for those circuits to use
  2. Design a toolkit containing comprehensive information about decision-making options for distribution to the public
  3. Provide law enforcement officers and first responders with one or more tools to assist them in identifying and reporting abuse, neglect, or exploitation
  4. Develop and pilot a volunteer court visitor program
  5. Develop a new component of the annual guardianship report that comprehensively addresses restoration of rights
  6. Create model annual guardianship/guardian advocacy reporting forms for use in all Florida circuits
  7. Design an evaluation guide for courts to use when approving family guardianship training courses to improve course consistency, quality, and content
  8. Establish a process for courts to notify the Social Security Administration when a guardian of the property who is also a representative payee is removed

Stakeholders chose to address the top three priorities first and formed three subcommittees to begin work on the priorities.  In compliance with the grant requirements, the steering committee identified leaders for each strategic goal as well as the process for each subcommittee to follow.  Leaders were provided with a chart to use during the breakout session.  The chart included the following:

  • Clear statement of the strategy (goal)
  • Identification of strategy leaders
  • Action plan necessary to accomplish the strategy (including needed resources and specific tasks required)
  • Timeframes for accomplishing each task
  • Task owners
  • Risks and strategies to mitigate
  • Success Indicators

When the work on a strategic goal is completed, the subcommittee will move onto the next priority.

Next Steps

In July 2018, via conference call, subcommittee leaders held meetings for priorities one through three; stakeholders in each group finalized the planning chart as well as began working on the identified action steps.  At a steering committee meeting planned for September, members will discuss a process to sustain Florida WINGS, which then will be shared with all stakeholders.