WINGS: Working Interdisciplinary Network of Guardianship Stakeholders

Florida WINGS is a collaborative group of stakeholders dedicated to creating solutions through court-community partnerships by identifying, assessing and improving guardianship practices and other decision-making alternatives to enhance the quality of care and lives of vulnerable adults.

The vision of Florida WINGS is to serve the best interests of those needing decision-making assistance in order to promote their well-being, dignity, self-determination and independence.

Year 1 (2017 – 2018):

☑  Identify Steering Committee and Stakeholders

☑  Develop and Prioritize Future Goals

☐  Establish a planning process to sustain FL WINGS.

Future Goals of Florida’s WINGS Initiative

In priority order

  1. Determine which circuits do not have a sufficient number of physicians participating on their examining committees and develop a recruitment plan for those circuits to use
  2. Design a toolkit containing comprehensive information about decision-making options, for distribution to the public
  3. Provide law enforcement officers and first responders with one or more tools to assist them in identifying and reporting abuse, neglect or exploitation
  4. Develop and pilot a volunteer court visitor program
  5. Develop a new component of the annual guardianship report that comprehensively addresses restoration of rights
  6. Create model annual guardianship/guardian advocacy reporting forms for use in all Florida circuits
  7. Design an evaluation guide for courts to use when approving family guardianship training courses, to improve course consistency, quality, and content
  8. Establish a process for courts to notify the Social Security Administration when a guardian of the property who is also a representative payee is removed