WINGS Coordinator

Florida’s WINGS Coordinator

The Florida WINGS Coordinator, from the Office of the State Courts Administrator, serves as the Florida WINGS project manager and works closely with the Steering Committee to:

  • Ensure that the steering committee and subcommittees are comprised of key stakeholders;
  • Convene the steering committee according to the agreed meeting schedule;
  • Oversee the continuing WINGS meetings and subcommittee meetings;
  • Compile and disseminate meeting minutes and reports;
  • Publicize WINGS to inform professionals and the public;
  • Ensure the collection of data on measurable improvements;
  • Plan for and seek funding and resources to sustain WINGS;
  • Research policies and procedures or coordinate research; and
  • Manage recommendation implementation.

Please contact:

Nathan Moon
Innovations & Outreach
Office of the State Courts Administrator
500 S. Duval Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1900