WINGS Stakeholders

Florida WINGS Stakeholders

WINGS stakeholder groups are recommended to have representatives from the judicial, legal, aging, disability, guardianship and mental health networks, and more. Other states’ stakeholder groups range in size from 30 to 60.

For grant compliance, Florida Stakeholders are responsible for:

  • developing and approving a strategic plan for the sustainability of Florida’s court-led initiative,
  • identify initial priorities,
  • build consensus among all the stakeholder groups
  • cultivate multiple, reinforcing stakeholder actions,
  • review data,
  • evaluate outcome to measure impact.



Richard Chapman, Self-advocate
Michael Lincoln-McCreight, Self-advocate
J. R. Harding, Self-advocate
Camille Walkinsaw, Self-advocate


Robert Long, Circuit Judge, 2nd Judicial Circuit
Celeste Muir, Circuit Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit
Yves Laventure, Court Magistrate, 17th Judicial Circuit
Tehera Smith-Granger, Court Case Manager, 15th Judicial Circuit
Jose R. Rodriguez, Circuit Judge, 9th Judicial Circuit
Catherine Catlin, Circuit Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit
Susan Hayes, Court Monitor – Probate, 17th Judicial Circuit
Kathleen Tailer, Supreme Court – Office of State Courts Administrator, Office of Court Improvement

Clerks of the Court

Stacy Butterfield, CPA, Clerk of the Courts and County Comptroller – Polk County
Anthony Palmieri, Clerk of the Courts and County Comptroller – Palm Beach County

Executive Branch

No representative identified to date, Executive Office of the Governor
Pam London, Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Robert Quam, Department of Children and Families – Florida State Hospital
Sarah Halsell, Department of Elder Affairs – Legal Services Department
Nathan Dunn, Department of Health
Dennis Moore, Esq., Statewide Guardian ad Litem
Molly McKinstry, Agency for Health Care Administration – Health Quality Assurance
JoShonda Guerrier, Department of Children and Families – Child Welfare
John Bryant, Department of Children and Families – Substance Abuse
Michael Milliken, Department of Elder Affairs – Ombudsman
Jessica Kraynak, Department of Veterans Affairs


No representative identified to date, The Florida Senate – President’s Office
No representative identified to date, The Florida House of Representatives – Speaker’s Office

Public Defender

Diamond Litty, Public Defender, 19th Judicial Circuit

State Attorneys

James Miller, State Attorney, Lee County
Stephen Russell, State Attorney, 20th Judicial Circuit

Law Enforcement

No representative identified to date, Florida Deputy Sheriffs Association
No representative identified to date, Florida Police Chiefs Association

The Florida Bar

Karen Campbell, The Florida Bar – Elder Law Section
Nicklaus Curley/Darby Jones, The Florida Bar – Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section


Paulo Annino, Florida State University College of Law – Public Interest Law Center
Rebecca Morgan, JD, Stetson University College of Law – Public Interest Law Center

Associations, Councils, Foundations, Organizations, etc.

Zayne Smith, AARP
Sam Sugar/Doug Franks, Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship
Tamara Cribben, Coalition of Public Guardians
Mary Smith, Family Care Council Florida
Emma Hemness, Florida Council on Aging
Karen Greene/Sherri Graham, Florida State Guardianship Association
Mike Donovan, Legal Services of North Florida
Debbie Moroney, Alzheimer’s Project
Julia McNabb, ARC Florida
Rachel Siegel-McLaughlin, Disability Rights Florida
Brenda Clark, Florida Center for Inclusive Communities
Phil Stevens, Florida Developmental Disabilities Council
Charles Alkire, Foundation for Indigent Guardianship
Dr. Raijav Tandom, National Alliance on Mental Illness


Michelle Hollister, Elder Law Attorney
Vicki Alkire, Professional Guardian and Supreme Court Guardianship Workgroup