WINGS Steering Committee

Florida WINGS Steering Committee

Steering committees in other WINGS grant-funded pilots ranged from five to six knowledgeable individuals representing key partners to a broader group of stakeholders.

For grant compliance, the Florida WINGS Steering Committee must:

  • understand the WINGS concept and have the will to launch a WINGS group;
  • conduct a process to select initial priority issues;
  • identify stakeholder groups and individual representatives;
  • plan a carefully structured, facilitated, interactive agenda for meetings;
  • evaluate and plan for additional meetings; and
  • plan for and seek funding to sustain WINGS.

Steering Committee

Frederick J. Lauten, Chairperson  Chief Judge, 9th Judicial Circuit
Robert Andersen  Department of Children and Families
Carol Berkowitz  Department of Elder Affairs
Melinda Coulter  Family Guardian
Laurie Harlow  Florida Developmental Disabilities Council
Amanda Heystek  Disability Rights Florida
Michelle Morley  Circuit Judge, 5th Judicial Circuit
Patti Patterson  Social Security Administration
No representative identified to   date  US Department of Veterans Affairs